J’s homing device points to Christmas…

The degree of joy displayed by J as he walked into Target, Target, Target, Target, Target, Target last night was impressive.  Without so much as a nudge from either Dada or myself, the kid sped through the store and stopped at a) the Christmas movie display, b) the Christmas CD display, c) the Christmas decorations section, d) all of the above…repeatedly.  It was, my friends, as if he had been snared by a time continuum loop and couldn’t extricate himself from all things HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!

Not only was he smiling from ear to ear, J was skipping and breaking into song.  Yeah…it was that much joy!

We came home with a Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas DVD and the soundtrack to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and there wasn’t a single aisle of Holiday Ornaments of non-denominational, Hanukkah and Christian persuasion that J didn’t linger over for prolonged periods of time…repeatedly.

Mind you, we don’t start the Twelve Days until the 13th of December, and the only reason a tree is entering this house before that day is because the 13th falls on a Friday, but J is READY!!!!!!!

I’m done with Twelve Days’ shopping, and Dada says he’s halfway there.  TGG, of course, has been to busy to even start, but I’m sure as Thanksgiving gets closer panic will set in and he will start asking what we’d like to get as presents.  I have a dream: he will clean his room and keep it that way for a whole weekend…  I know, I know, I know…might as well as for a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a KitchenAid stand mixer, and Russell Crowe, right?

J is in charge of “stucking stoffers” this year.  Of course, I will get his because it’s not fair to charge him with filling his own “stucking,” but everyone else will get whatever strikes his fancy.  I’m picturing a slew of things HE wants that we can then tell him “hey, I’m not really going to use this so would you…” and swiiiiip!  Out of our hands it goes.  Love and joy come to you…and whatever wassail is, too.

This week we had snow, so J switched his footwear to boots, and he also started walking in that overly cautious way that tells me he remembers all the near-slips and full-falls we had last winter.  On Wednesday he came home with a slight limp that made me wonder if his shoes were uncomfortable (they aren’t,) or if he’d fallen (he didn’t,) and which required a thorough inspection, extensive fawning-over, and Tiger Balm applied by every single non-feline member of the household.  When asked about this J simply stated, via his Proloquo, FOOT HURT HEEL A LITTLE PAIN.  When asked how it happened he stated, quite evasively, I NEED A HUG.  By Thursday it became a well-known fact that, when asked to not hit his head, he now stomps his foot on the floor.  By Friday this had stopped because, I am assuming, he got wind of the fact that all sympathy was now tempered by the knowledge that he’s responsible for FOOT HURT HEEL A LITTLE PAIN.  The limping has stopped, recurring only when he is asked to help with a chore that requires standing.  How utterly convenient!

Today and tomorrow the weather is supposed to stay warm, and we hope to enjoy it.  This morning I made J limp his way through sweeping the garage.  When he was done, thankfully, he recovered in spite of the fact that I remained unmoved by his pointing to his foot, saying BOTHERING and sighing loudly.  I know: I’m a horrible parent!

On Monday we are going to meet J’s new primary care physician.  As I mentioned before, I’ve switched him from the pediatric office to the family medicine practice because, well, he was the only person in the pediatric office with a goatee and mustache who was not part of the medical staff.  I’ve opted to keep him home that day so we can go to the lab if the doctor requests any tests, and then J can come home and bemoan his fate (and my cruelty) to his heart’s content while in the comfort of his TV room.  The rest of the week, I’m sure, will fly by because it’s the week before Thanksgiving and, as you can all imagine, I have to get ready for the week-long Thanksgiving Break which involves significant amounts of cooking as well as J at home…

But things are marching along.  The year is reeling in and preparing to end in spite of our lack of desire to see it completely gone.  I lie: I think 2013 has proven a testy year for all of us.  Between teeth and too much work, and moving and TGG going back to school, and every other small thing that has cropped up (like J’s desire to be disruptive at school!!!,) I think we are ready to put this one in the history books, and move on.  There’s time left, though…and challenges ahead…and those are never easy, but we can’t skip the rough bits.  If J gets put on a med to help him lose weight or to control his blood pressure, that’s going to pose another small hurdle.  If we choose to reduce the med in December in spite of J’s continued obstreperous behavior at school, that’s going to pose a bigger hurdle.  Life is, after all, a marathon with hurdles…and the trick is to stay hydrated (seriously, you need to make sure you don’t dehydrate,) and to not quit…even if you slow down, and even if you see that the hurdles get closer, are higher, have puddles and angry tigers in the pit below them…

After all, Christmas is coming…J has welcomed it even if the rest of us are not yet ready.  And it’s not the presents he’s looking forward to…I think it’s the lights, and the music, and the time at home testing the patience of the lady with the hot-flashes…  What’s in wassail again?  And how much can one make at one time???  I might need a gallon…

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