This is Autism

Please read…it’s totally worth your while.

that cynking feeling

I couldn’t finish reading it.

I know it is dangerous to rely on other people for information, especially if I am going to form an opinion or have an emotional response to that information. The source document was readily available, so I had no excuse for not reading it myself. In fact, its widespread distribution was one of its disturbing aspects.

Yet I only read other writers’ responses. The posts attacking the “Call to Action” linked to the statement, but I could not bring myself to read all the words once I clicked through.

It’s been refreshing to see autism advocates and parents united against the statement by Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright. That’s important, since Autism Speaks has access to decision-makers and the money to further its agenda. Theirs was the first website I was referred to when a doctor suggested that Philip might be autistic. I’m not the…

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