Well…definitely…maybe…ok, not a full day of school tomorrow…

Kierkegaard called while we were at the store to say we have a 2-hour delay tomorrow.  Dada dashed across the store to where I was standing (looking at the dairy section and wondering if I wanted any of the slim pickings there,) and shook his head sadly as I went to grab a dozen eggs.  “Everything OK?,” I asked.  Sigh…”Kierkegaard called.”  I stopped myself from grabbing the eggs; if I’d smashed them on the floor in anger I would have still felt compelled to pay for them.  “”It’s only a two-hour delay!”  I immediately envisioned J and I walking towards the school bus stop, slipping and sliding, our vision blocked by scarves that ride up, hats that drop over our eyes, and our mobility limited by the sixteen layers of clothes we’ll need to wear because of the wind chill advisory.

The rest of the trip to the store is a blur.  I know I got everything I needed, but I also know I kept asking the rafters, the PA system and just anyone within earshot: what IS IT with this weather?  The ceiling didn’t answer, the PA system keep announcing there was a call for Produce waiting on line 2, and people just looked at me with the same kind of confusion I’m experiencing.  WHAT is it with this winter????  Is THIS global warming?  This isn’t El Niño, is it????

We drove home cautiously.  The temperature was dropping quickly due to the Wind Chill Advisory we have in place for tonight and tomorrow.  When we got home, a Winter Weather Advisory had just been issued.  Then I open my e-mail to find my Samuel Adams newsletter and the Beer of the Month is….botm


That J has been saying the words BUS, LATER, SCHOOL, YELLOW BUS, SCHOOL BUS, TOMORROW in an endless loop isn’t helping…

The store had been picked clean, people.  I’ve experienced many a hurricane season, and many times have I been directly in the path of the storm.  I’ve lived through thirty-three hurricane seasons on an Island that hears the words “hurricane warning” uttered in a forecast and collectively leaves home and heads to the store to buy rice, beans, water, rum, beef-o-getti, and so forth until nothing is left on the shelves.  The last time I experienced such a dearth of items on store shelves was…oh…nearly sixteen years ago.  Mind you, I live day after day with that mentality.  I look at the weather report and I make a mental inventory of what we might need to get past whatever crisis we’re facing.  It is a well-known fact that I will buy batteries and water bottles every time I go to the store “because you never know.”  This preparedness of mine usually happens BEFORE things go awry, and I live in the comfortable knowledge that my panicky nature has served me well.

And now…

the freezer is empty.  Well, no…there’s a whole duck and a corned beef brisket in there.  And frozen vegetables.  The freezer in the kitchen has some ground beef (NOT J’s favorite,) and some codfish.   And more vegetables.  And butter.  We went looking for “something other than chicken” because people are clucking here, and it’s pretty annoying.  Picked…clean.  People were wandering aimlessly around the aisles, their lists checked and re-checked, and very little in their shopping carts.  I got lucky…I found hummus, spinach dip, yogurt, orzo, all the stuff J now eats, but no meat.  I am close to breaking into the “for emergencies only” supply of vienna sausages.

J looked at the bags we brought out the car with interest.  “Oh, good,” his eyes told me, “you didn’t forget the lemons!  Oh, WHAT????  NO PEARS?????”  Nope, no pears…so we have TWO pears we can put in the dehydrator tonight and that’s it until the stores are re-stocked.  That’s where we’re at, guys…

Tomorrow morning, unless Kierkegaard wakes us up at the crack of dawn, we’ll trek through the snow to get to the bus.  And then we’ll trek back in the afternoon.  I am hoping to get to the other grocery store tomorrow evening before the next advisory goes into effect.  I need something other than chicken…or duck…or brisket.

Spring is 63 days away, right????


Right…definitely…maybe…or not quite…

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