O, weather…here art thou!

J’s breath froze on his goatee and scarf as we walked to the bus stop this morning.  The two-hour delay didn’t do much to alleviate the cold temperatures, but it did give us the ability to better SEE the effects of the cold.  I carried a bedspread with me, and as soon as we stopped at the corner to wait for the bus I wrapped it around J.  We timed our walk well…we waited less than three minutes.

The house was very quiet all day. J had been full of enthusiasm for the prospect of the bus and school, and in the afternoon he had even more enthusiasm about the walk home.  He dragged me home, calling out NOODLES and SODA constantly until we got to the front door.  Once inside, he said CLOTHES and ran upstairs to change into his pajamas.  It was very cold out there, and it is about to get colder.  The bus driver told me that they basically had school today because, after these past four days, they are expecting a repeat of no-school days next week.

Dada and I left the house early this evening to return to the store for all we couldn’t find last night.  By the time we finished unloading the car, we were ready to cuddle up in a corner.

It should be snowing by morning.  It should continue snowing through the weekend.  J’s birthday, according to all the weather forecasts, looks to be very cold.  We’ll play this by ear…

For now, I am going to curl up and read.  There’s a fuzzy blanket calling my name, and J is happily tucked into his TV room and not wanting anyone interrupting his bliss.

I think THIS is what bears do when they hibernate…they have a pretty good system….

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