And now for something completely diff…the same as yesterday…

Oh, the sun was bright and the sky was clear when we woke up this morning.  It was a glorious morning.  I kid you not…the sky was bright blue, and the sun was shining with such…sunny-ness!!!  Yes, everything was covered with snow…with a lot of snow…copious amounts of snow…but the sun was OUT and the sky was BLUE!!!!!!!  I bounced down the stairs and started breakfast; Dada called out to J and together they bounced down the stairs.  We made scrambled eggs (with cauliflower puree and yogurt, but that’s beside the point…they were yummy, though,) and hash browns…and ham…and coffee.  And, as we usually do on Sunday mornings, we tuned into the Luigi Boccherini station on Pandora…light streamed into the kitchen and a swatch of blue sky was visible above the trees and houses on the other side of the road.

After yesterday’s gloomy day (when the snow didn’t really take a break until late in the evening,) and the laziness that comes attached to that (which we staved off by doing an energetic round of chores,) we were excited about the prospect of possibly leaving the house for a while, and with J in tow.

And then the clouds gathered once more and a curtain of snow started falling.  It started falling sideways, its intensity increasing and diminishing intermittently.  At that moment it became obvious that the only real outdoor time we’d enjoy today would involve shovels.

So here we are, another day inside the house, trying to stay entertained in the face of more snow.  J will not go outside.  He is afraid of slipping and falling, regardless of how hard we try to make sure he knows he won’t get hurt.  We exercise in the garage, and we go up and down stairs in the process of cleaning house, making meals (I ‘accidentally’ forget to bring things with me…glasses, a sweater, a can of tomatoes, a package of sugar,) or simply being at home.  We move around, sometimes just to look at the snow falling.

Today I conducted a little experiment.  A few weeks ago I bought a pair of pants for J.  I intentionally bought a pair of pants two sizes too small.  I bought these as “aspirational” pants…something that J can look to wearing in a few months.  Today, because we are THAT bored, I pulled them out of the closet and had J try them on.

No, they don’t button and, no, we can’t yet zip them up, but they went all the way up to his waist and that is something we could not have achieved a couple of months ago.  Little by little, almost without noticing it, we are whittling down J’s belly, working our way through the fat that had accumulated in his abdomen.  The long-sleeve t-shirts that accentuated every single extra ounce on his body are now looser, and our son can do sit-ups without getting winded.  He can do these even though they, for some mysterious reason, make him laugh quite a bit…I don’t know if he gets giddy with the motion or if he’s just happy to touch his toes, but the laughter is part of the exercise.

I wish I could persuade my son to leave the house and walk in the snow.  I think this would be quite the workout, but I don’t want to push him to do this if he’s afraid he’ll slip and fall.  I don’t know what goes on in his mind, but I respect it, and I change and work with what I can.  That J now accepts home-made pizza with a whole-wheat crust, a sauce made from tomatoes and pumpkin, 1/3 of the pepperoni he used to demand, 1/3 of the cheese, and only three slices (of a very modest size, I’ll have you know) is enough of a won-battle for me.  That this morning he happily tucked into scrambled eggs that had a healthy dose of cauliflower and plain yogurt in them (seriously, try it…it’s delicious) is another won-battle.  I made a creamy cheese sauce that had no cream or butter, and very little cheese, and he ate it…happily…smiling with every bite.  I can deal with his rejection of walking in the snow as long as we can say “he eats his yogurt, his pear chips, his hummus, his pita bread, his veggie chips, and etc., etc., etc.”

If we keep going on this track, and if we keep making modest progress, we will be able to do a lot more outdoors this summer, and maybe I’ll be able to buy him that tricycle that he’s been too heavy to ride.  The prospect is exciting.  I think, once he gets the chance to try this contraption, J will be thankful for the mobility it grants him.  I am looking forward to taking him to the pool, and not just because it means warmer weather, but because I think this year he will take better advantage of it.  I have notions of buying a paddle board for him, and planning our mornings around being at the pool from 9 to eleven, then coming home to lunch and taking walks in the afternoon.  With his new eating habits, and more physical activity, I’m sure J will reach a comfortable weight…

And WHAT is that?  What is J’s comfortable weight?  According to the CDC, at J’s height and with his large frame, he should weigh no more than 174 pounds (78.92 kg) to be within the healthy range.  I try to imagine J weighing that little and I can’t figure out if it scares me, or if it just looks wrong.  So we’re considering that J’s comfortable weight might not be reflected in any of the charts out there…that there is something about those numbers that talk about how the rest of the world feels about weight.

The plan, as it has been since the beginning, is to get J to a healthier weight, and have him develop and maintain better eating habits.  So far we’re succeeding.  We don’t know a proper number yet, but we’re working on those size 40 pants and a move active lifestyle.  Maybe, once we get used to a slimmer J, we can come up with a figure that doesn’t sound too extreme…for now, we’re going with pants…




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