Seeing is believing, even if you need to do a double-take…or gather photographic evidence.





You may ask yourself WHY I would go to such lengths to take a picture of a ramekin holding spinach.  The hand, my friends, is J’s.  As you can see, he is reaching for spinach; in fact, he has a leaf in his hand.  In his other hand he is holding a pencil, and he is working on one of the many very basic workbooks I have for him.

It could be anyone’s hand, I know.  Any person in this household could be reaching for spinach leaves I put in a ramekin while I prepared dinner.  Mind you, there was also a bowl with some hummus, and we had crackers, but since I was trying to make up my mind between making spinach or asparagus, I had both out on the counter.  That’s when I, jokingly, started alternating crackers with hummus on them with spinach leaves, and J -KNOWING that I was alternating these- started eating.

Never mind that I ultimately made steamed asparagus (which J tried but found too stringy for his taste…he was eating them like you would artichokes.)  J ate spinach.  J ate spinach like he would have normally eaten potato chips while doing something at the kitchen counter as I prepared dinner.  Then he had oven-fried chicken (boneless, skinless thighs dredged in whole wheat flour, wheat germ and herbs and spices,) and sweet potato fries with spinach (yes, yes, yes!!!!) dip that has little shards of carrot in it…

It could be anyone’s hand…photo

but that hat should tell you that it isn’t…and just believe me because I wouldn’t make this up.  I really couldn’t.  My imagination doesn’t stretch that far…

So there…

Never mind that there’s no school tomorrow because of the cold.  Right now I don’t care…this is just too picture perfect (even if it gives him gas later…)


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