What’s that? More snow??? Really??? Yeah…really…

Kierkegaard called early this morning, and I crept down the stairs to fix the PECS board.  We quietly crawled back into bed so as not to wake J up.  It worked…J didn’t emerge from his room until nearly six.

Yesterday he came home with, once more, a banged up forehead.  The teacher tells me that she has figured out WHO makes him angry and that, when she walked into the classroom and saw what he was doing, J was embarrassed and stopped the behavior immediately.  During a tete-a-tete later in the day, she explained to J that if she felt that type of behavior would make that particular person “go away” she’d engage in it, too.  After this conversation, J felt a little better, but that didn’t prevent him from being bruised and needy the rest of the day.  Last night he had a headache right before he went to bed, so I brought the baby monitor upstairs to listen in on his sleep.

There was very little enthusiasm for the notion of school last night.  Maybe it was that he feels annoyed by this person (who seems to annoy a lot of other people in the classroom,) or maybe it was just the headache.  When he realized it was, once more, an at-home day, there was no protesting.  We spent an hour working on shapes and colors, and then he spontaneously requested his YOGURT and PEAR at 10 a.m.  That is what I call good news.

The other piece of good news is that TGG doesn’t have Lyme disease.  Instead it seems he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. How is that good news?  Well…since he went to Urgent Care so promptly and he was given antibiotics so quickly, he actually has seen a vast improvement in the bruising, and there has been no other complication from it.  And, trust me, he’s not the only who checks the bruise…his mother, who always reminds him she used to change his diaper and has had to see him naked more times than he wants to remember, checks the hip area where he was bitten.  It’s all looking like it’s healing nicely.

I’m taking the snow as philosophically as I can.  My conclusion?  It melts…eventually.  I can’t stop it; I can’t redirect it.  I might as well accept that it’s there and that the school schedule now looks like an oft-patched pair of jeans.  Monday’s holiday is now a regular day with an early-release.  Spring Break goes untouched, but a few days have been added at the tail end of the year, and several early-release days have been shifted.  I can live with that…I think J can live with it, too.

In other news: we finally broke down and bought a bigger TV.  Not only is this TV bigger than the one we had, it is bigger than we ever imagined.  In our defense, it was on sale, and we can’t see very well and found ourselves squinting at the screen from where we sit to watch, clear across the room.  Furthermore, it’s not one of those TVs that do everything for you.  It’s just a plain old TV that we can hook up our movies to, and the blu-ray player has the Netflix and the Pandora that J likes.  This morning, while having our coffee, the storm system that seems to be engulfing us looked a lot more ominous, but this -I’m quite certain- will be tempered by the fact that Russell Crowe will look just as big when I watch Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World this weekend.  You can’t get a big TV and NOT watch this movie.  In my particular case, you can’t get a big TV and not jump around and yell “beat to quarters” while watching this movie, but that’s entirely beside the point.

We are here.  We are home.  J’s OK with the snow day.  I think yesterday was frustrating for him, and he needed a break.  Between the fact that he can’t communicate how he feels as clearly as he might want to (because there are feelings too abstract for him to express, even if he is fully capable of experiencing them,) and the fact that he has absolutely no power to pick and choose the people he works with (and, really, who does?) today was a good day to stay at home and refocus.

The rest of the day we will use to make whole-wheat crepes that we can use for breakfast during the week; we’ll do laundry, and we’ll clean the basement-level bathroom.  All in all, the day will be pleasant and we’ll keep an eye on the weather.  There’s not much more outside of that we can do.

Spring…thirty-four days, 12 hours, and less than two minutes to go…


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