From snow to slush to rain to mud…

The snow that accumulated over weeks of Winter assiduously behaving like, well, winter have melted.  Here and there a patch remains, but mostly laced with mud and debris the snow plows, cars and humans have churned up.  The sky is gray and moody, and this is but a short respite from a season that still has (officially) 26 days, 22 hours and less than 40 minutes of life left.  Winter if flailing about, but -like the trouper it is- it’s not quite ready to leave center stage…

TGG has survived his cold.  He has done this much to his chagrin.  He would have preferred to prolong the misery just to prove that, yes, the other morning he was at death’s door and we dismissed his concerns.  J has taken contagion with a lot more dignity than his older brother, and he, too, is improving by leaps and bounds.  This, of course, can only mean that Dada will be the next to have the cold, and the weekend will likely be miserable.  I won’t succumb to anything until everyone’s better, has gone to work or school for the day, and can impart the wisdom of “oh, you’ll be fine in no time, you’ll see!”

I can live with that.  I can live with curling up in bed after everyone’s gone, sipping a cup of tea and reading for a while in spite of a stuffy/runny nose.  I will consider it convalescence and I will laze about, luxuriating in the misery I’ve denied the leisure to marinate in to everyone else in the household.  I might even buy cookies to go with my misery.

The rainy, rainy morning has turned into a partly cloudy afternoon, and the same cats that ran outside to bring mud into the house are currently napping on top of any surface that will make the mud more evident.  This mock-spring we’re experiencing today will dissipate by tomorrow night.  That means there’s much to do before, once more, we close windows, turn the heater back up to 67, and complain about more snow.  There is, for example, a short walk to check the mail for us, and J will get a chance to stretch his legs and NOT step on ice or slush for the first time in weeks.  I think he’ll like that.

With each passing day I come up with more tasks to add to my SPRING CLEANING LIST!!!!  The weight and layer of winter that seems to have crawled all over us will be shaken off, and I can’t wait for the moment when I start shoving out the lassitude of this unusually cold, snowy season.  I am craving sunshine and warmth, and things that grow and air that hasn’t been circulating through the same square-footage for days on end.  I miss seeing my toes all day long, not just when I’m showering, changing socks, and so forth.

The FedEx man (yes, it was a man…I’m not being sexist) dropped off an order I’d put in of plastic vegetables and fruits.  J spent a good hour this morning working his way through flashcards, spelling names, sorting by colors.  All along there was a beautiful smile that indicates he feels productive on his face.  After a lunch of leftover orzo and steak, he happily bounced down the stair (sniffling just a little) to work his way through the alphabet for what seems like the umpteenth time this week.  I sat down to take care of some more of the pesky administrative stuff that seems to propel me day after day: I ordered more learning materials for J, and I organized my list for the weekend.  It occurred to me, as I was looking at my recent purchases on Amazon, and some of the e-mails they send with suggestions, that Amazon is totally convinced I’m shopping for a pre-schooler.  Based on the profusion of Katy Perry merchandise, preschool toys and learning materials, and books on menopause, Amazon is probably convinced that I had a surprise pregnancy in my mid-forties and am now raising a teenage girl and a toddler.  Like Carol Kane’s Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged, “I know something you don’t know!”


This is true of many different aspects of our household.  In fact, this is true of any household; the mother usually knows where everything is, everyone’s comings and goings (even if she doesn’t WANT to know,) and what is or isn’t possible financially.  I tell everyone around here that if I keel over suddenly, they will have to go out and buy batteries, lightbulbs, toilet paper, toothpaste, a can opener and plastic wrap.  And that’s just for starters.  A good chunk of my time is spent pointing people in the right direction, reminding them of things they have to/need to/should do, and calculating how much money can be spared for a luxury that someone else thinks is totally viable.  Omniscience can be a burden, but it can also be pretty funny…Amazon thinks it knows, but…

Our lives have been sketched in databases using very broad strokes.  Target knows one thing, Amazon knows another.  The grocery store is definitely confused, and wonders if we are the same people now that used to shop there three months ago…never have they seen so many vegetables and whole grains being consumed by this particular “preferred customer” card.  I can just imagine the guys in the customer database department trying to figure out what is happening that, all of a sudden, we no longer buy mac and cheese, hot dogs, Pringles and margarine.  “It’s madness, I tell you!!!!  Replicants!!!!  Maybe we should call someone!!!!”

I think Winter is playing the same game as long as it can.  I think it’s been messing with us all along, and now it’s lowered its guard only so it can slam into us again.  Playfully, of course.  There’s not one mean bone in Winter’s body; it’s just an overgrown puppy who doesn’t quite know its strength.  It will get tired soon.  It will peter out and go to take its long, long nap when it’s quite done playing.  For now, well, we just sit and wait it out, enjoy today’s sunshine and the lessening of the common cold’s misery.

Now…to find something REALLY out of left field to further confuse Amazon.  And, of course, must add cookies to the shopping list…just in case!



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