Tumbling into Thursday…where has the week gone?????

I know we’ve been busy-ish, and I know the weather has played tricks (again) on us, but how did we get to Thursday already???????  I could’ve sworn it was Monday!

Anyway, this is -as far as I can reconstruct it- what we’ve done this week:

Monday we went to psychiatrist, froze our butts off because it was colder than we thought, rode a taxi and J went to use the treadmill.

Tuesday it was cold and we stayed indoors, but we cleaned the house, made home-made tortillas and flan, and then we hosted an old schoolmate of mine for dinner.  The entire family was curious because we hadn’t seen each other since 1982, and this person has known me since we were in kindergarten.  To my husband and children this was the equivalent of opening a time capsule.  We chatted the night away with J happily munching on tacos and socializing to the best of his ability.

Yesterday we put together a rather confusing puzzle with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse; we also did laundry.  Since he didn’t want to go on Saturday, J went to watch Muppets Most Wanted with TGG.  The loudest laugh came when J saw Ricky Gervais dressed as a lemur.  I took those two hours to steam and puree more vegetables…as usual, we were running low on everything healthy.  In the evening, J went to the gym with TGG; that he would rather go to the movies and the gym with TGG rather than with us is definite proof that we’re not cool.  We can live with that.  🙂

Today, so far, we’ve put pear slices in the dehydrator, started four little greenhouses, listened to music and danced, completed several chores and, because it is a lot warmer than it has been, took all the containers for plants out of the garage.  Light, thankfully, is streaming through the sliding glass doors and all is right with the world.

We were lucky this time around; we didn’t get any of the nasty weather that has been pounding New England.  We got a sprinkling of snow that lasted the morning, and that was it.  It was done.  It was gone.  And, in much the same fashion, we haven’t had much of a Spring Break; it’s been a break, but it’s hardly seemed like spring, and now it’s almost done.

Because the weather is about to be on our side, we intend to enjoy what’s left of the break.  Monday was supposed to be a day off, but because of all the snow days we have had since the first of the year, that day has gone away with some of the early-releases and such.  I don’t mind.  I think J will be happy to go back to the school routine, and to the things he gets to do there.

Ahead of us is the stretch of time that extends until the end of the school year.  We already know that ESY starts on June 23rd so J’s summer is shaping up nicely with those four days of activity to break up the dullness of being at home with me.  Dada has requested vacation time for the end of July, and we have made a list of day-trips we can take.

I think because we’ve had so much questionable weather over the course of the year, we are making plans for summer with as much discretion as possible.  We know that there will be a period of intense high temperatures because we’ve had one every single summer since we arrived here; we also know that when it rains in earnest, it can last a whole week.  Taking all this in to account, we’re getting ready for it.

We’re also getting ready for being outdoors, for ladybugs and fresh vegetables, for swimming and going for long walks.  We are looking forward to it all, and we know that -because the weather has been so bipolar lately- we have to wait a little longer.  We just hope that what’s left of the school year will go at a pace that J can savor, and that it will go without glitches because we don’t want to add stress or anxiety as the med gets reduced one more time.  (I calculated last night…we might be med-free by this time next year…wouldn’t that be awesome????)

Anyway…it’s time to go outside and work on the back patio.  I want J to sweep, organize and get acclimated to this new space.  I want him to start getting used to the notion of being outside instead of curled up in front of his TV.  I know it’s a while still until he can, but…I want him to start anticipating this change of environment.

Let’s see how well we can segue into Friday…


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