We are home for the Easter holiday, and J couldn’t be happier.  The weather brought us a quick round of snow that, thankfully, didn’t stick, but that proved to us that Mother Nature has her whims and will see them through.

Today the sun is out, and the cloud cover isn’t so thick that we can worry about it lingering.  The lettuce seedlings actually survived this brief cold snap, and look to be ready to grow, grow, grow.  Everything else we started in J’s little greenhouses is following that example, and J is excited about this.

With this last four-day weekend we stretch into the final leg of the school year.  From here until Memorial Day it’s go-go-go, and that tells me this year is going to fly by in a hurry.  We’re already on the skinny side of April!

J has been happy.  I think it’s the warmer weather, and the fact that the patio area is available to him.  My only concerns in that area are the habit of one of the neighbors of walking his rather large (and unfriendly to males) dog right up to our deck railing, and that kids have taken to lurking and leaping where our outdoor area is laid out.  Vegetation, I’m hoping, will go a long way to mark off the space, and J will get some of the peace and quiet he yearns for when he’s out there.

Little by little, green has started crawling back into the picture.  The trees that were gray and bare a few days ago now have light green sprouts on them, and the birds are happily coming to the bird feeders to partake of the seed we put out for them.  The wind chimes no longer sound like they’re chattering with cold, but dancing in a cool spring breeze.  All is good…

Every afternoon, J jumps up and asks to go to the gym.  Yes, he’s still doing this, and he’s doing it with joy and enthusiasm.  Not only is his slowly peeling off some weight, he’s getting TGG to stick to an exercise routine.  Dada and I call this “date-time” because, for an hour, we get to be by ourselves and do whatever we want.  Unless you have someone in your household who often overwhelms your day to day activities, you can’t really appreciate how precious that one hour really is…and this means a baby, an older parent you care for, a convalescent patient, a disabled child whose needs are quite imperative.  It is quite a lovely treat!

And, finally, Good Friday is here and Easter looms ahead.  We had Family Craft Night on Tuesday, and J was very much entertained by Dada and TGG attempting to put together some of the bunnies and chicks we’d bought at the crafts store.  While J is a master at “THIS is how much glue you need to make pom-poms stick,” Dada and TGG are not quite as adept.  J chuckled at their modesty while applying glue, and scoffed at the drooping pom-poms that resulted from this.

Dada and TGG were not trying to make J feel better.  They REALLY have no clue about how much glue will make pom-poms stick on anything.  J’s bunnies and chicks were perfectly put together, perfectly lined up on the dining table, and he patiently went over the loose pom-poms, re-gluing them.

Today TGG is off from work, and we might take J out for a spin in the car.  I should REALLY go to the store and buy all the things we still need to replenish our freezer.  We go through so many vegetables now that it’s hard to keep up with that part of our supplies, and we really need to get more fish because J really, really likes it.  His weight-loss has slowed down, but that is something we expected.  The first layer of unnecessary fat has been consumed, and now we go to the part where exercise and good eating habits are crucial for long-term results.  Health continues to be our main focus, and J is on the path he needs to tread to get to where we want to go.  We are, drumroll, closer to 250 pounds than we have been in a long, long, long time…

As we get deeper into spring and head towards summer, things are looking good, and J is happy.  We are down nearly thirty pounds from his heaviest; the med reduction finally has kicked in, and warm weather is becoming the norm…

What more can I ask for?  A freezer without tumbleweeds in it, but that’s another story…



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