J is in fine “day off” form…

5:30 a.m.  COFFEE??????  (Insert parental groans here.)

5:35 a.m.  COFFEE???????????  (Insert parental groans muffled by pillows covering ears and faces here)

5:40 a.m.  COFFEE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Insert parental groans and an a muttered expletive muffled by pillows covering ears and faces here.)

5:45 a.m.  COFFEE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movies!  TV!  We’ll be right there!!!!  

9:30 a.m.  The beds have been made; all laundry has been sorted, folded, hung, and stored in its proper closet; the dishes have been washed; one load of laundry is in the dryer, and another is washing; the kitchen is clean; the garage has been reorganized and swept; the driveway has been swept; the counter and dining table have been properly cleaned; the pork for tonight’s schnitzel has been taken out of the freezer to defrost; the items that had been blocking the path to the pork have been replaced and reorganized in the freezer…  The only things we’ve yet to do are making pear chips (not until after lunch,) and going to do the mail.  At the rate we’re going, by one-thirty we’ll have run out of the basic chores and we’ll be digging into the “this was meant for the weekend” treasure trove.

C’est la vie!

I know why he does it.  J wants to get all these things out of the way to rid himself of the guilt attached to not wanting to hang out with me.  “BUT I already hung out with you, lady!  Don’t you remember all the fun we had early, early, EARLY this morning???  You and I did SO MUCH stuff!!!  And, you know, you can’t expect me to spend all day with you trailing me…go find something to entertain yourself.  I’ll be here…and then we’ll get together later…at MY convenience…”

Since I’ve been dismissed for the time being, I am keeping my eye on a carpenter bee that has burrowed a hole in a table (J’s table) out on the deck.  Obviously, anything that can be done will have to wait until dusk, but that hasn’t stopped me from stalking the creature while doing research online.  Unless I can get rid of the thing, it will stay with us (or generations of its descendants will) forever.  :/  It doesn’t look good right now from where I’m standing; all I’ve learned is rather daunting…these little creatures actually leave a trail that will bring more of them back next spring.  Nipping this problem in the bud is of the essence.

Our other “problem” is the abundance of caterpillars.  Never in my life have I seen such a profusion of them; if I sit on the patio to read, I soon find myself covered with caterpillars.  If we go for a walk, we have to look down so as not to step on them.  These are not your “oh, what a lovely butterfly!” caterpillars…these are, according to all I’ve found about them online, Eastern Tent Caterpillars and they’re considered a pest.  They are responsible for the large weavings we see on tree branches, tree trunks, and other spindly structures.  Not only are these rather creepy looking structures, they also seem to harbor a vast amount of what will very soon be clouds of moths.  As if the stink bugs weren’t enough of a problem, now we have an infestation of moths to look forward to…

I know it sounds like I hate nature, but I’m only really concerned about our interaction with it, and how we affect each other.  We need bees, and we can peacefully coexist with them so we are making sure there are plenty of flowers for the bees to use for their “work.”  Bumblebees are not a problem either.  Hornets, yellow jackets and wasps (and carpenter bees, it seems) are another story.  We know they are necessary, they play a role, but we have to work on redirecting them.  The caterpillars also have a purpose, but it seems these particular ones have the ability to defoliate a tree quite quickly, especially when they are as numerous as they seems to be this season.  They love fruit trees…we don’t have any, but we have plenty of caterpillars!!!!

Well…time for a walk.  We won’t make it to lunchtime without being irritated with each other unless we go outdoors and burn some energy.  It is a beautiful day, and since Colorado and New Mexico have had a resurgence of winter weather, I think it’s best to appreciate our warm temperatures and sunshine by actually taking advantage of them…

Here we go!  Off to make the rest of the day count…

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