Nothing like a long weekend preceded by worrisome news to derail a whole family.  We’re all doing well, but it hasn’t been as fun to segue into the last few days of the school year as we would have liked it to be.  Of course, because we are who we are and that’s all that we are, we decided to make the best out of the long weekend and slowed things down enough to actually savor our time together.

To summarize: J spent most of the weekend outside on his patio.  This was almost derailed by the presence of dogs flanking our unit, but was solved with fabric (muslin…I’ve had it for years!) pinned to the deck railing and creating a lovely way to block the canines.  It was a frantic half-hour, but we managed to convince J that out of sight and out of mind were the same exact thing.

We basically spent the weekend sitting in the backyard, reading, relaxing, watching the birds fly around.  We tended the garden (which, by the way, is doing beautifully,) and worrying about something we have absolutely no control over while doing proactive research online.

J, thankfully, has picked up the cues from us, and knows that something is afoot, but also knows that we’re keeping it peppy and positive.  I cannot be any less cryptic than that…

The battle of the snow boots has been set aside for the time being.  If J is keen on keeping the boots for the time being, I’m not going to be the one to argue with him about this.  In fact, yesterday we had one of those spring downpours that come out of nowhere, look like a wave about to engulf you as they move across the parking lot in your direction, and pelt you mercilessly while you’re trying to make your way home.  I was sorely unprepared for this, being caught in the rain with my flip-flops, and J -thanks to his sturdy footwear- felt compelled to scoff (yes, scoff) at me as I struggled to walk home with my feet sliding and veering off course while in my sub-par gear.  If my feet were slipping and sliding while trying to keep themselves within the flimsy confines of the flip-flops, you don’t even want to know what the rest of me was doing while trying to navigate the gravel that leads home.  J, the cad, thought this was funny, and made sure I knew exactly how he felt about it.

Tomorrow is the last Friday of J’s school year.  He will be going back to school on Monday, and his Ceramics class is going out for breakfast at a cafe that J actually likes.  Even if J didn’t like the cafe, he’d be over the moon with joy at the prospect of going out with people other than us.  I say this because he’s taken to walking with about six feet of distance between us, and he often goes a bit ahead, or lags a bit behind.  It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to be seen walking with me…not even in the neighborhood where we are a fixture.

Aside from this development (which we can all agree, can’t we?, is pretty par for the adolescent course,) J is doing great.  His pants size keeps shrinking, and he still goes to work out at the gym full of enthusiasm.  Yes, the pounds are peeling off more slowly, but they’re still peeling off.  As for me, well, this is not the case; we continue to suspect that whatever weight J loses finds some way to attach itself to me…

The thing we’re worried about is something that we can only hope will turn out ok.  If it doesn’t, well, then I guess we’ll have to throw into this conversation as well as the one we’re having about it at home because, as we’ve discovered, there are things that you are just not expecting, and they happen anyway.

For the time being, summer is heading towards us, and J has a little shindig with what’s left of the student population of his homeroom tomorrow.  Most of the kids are done because their parents had already made arrangements to travel for Memorial Day.  Since we’re not going anywhere, and J needs a slightly longer transition than others, we’re sticking it out ’til Monday.

I guess this means the house is getting readied for J being home over the weekend.

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