First week of ESY is history!

Monday we had to skip the first day of summer school.  The bus driver assumed that I’d know (magically…rising like a fairy mist from the forest primeval of my memory) what bus, and at what time J would get picked up.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by without a call giving us the information, and by five PM (because I tend to cut people some slack on weekends,) I decided that I had to find out all this information.  The back and forth phone calls did not resolve the issue, so I made the executive decision of keeping J home on Monday.  I was NOT, because I’ve been there and I’ve done that, going to stand on the corner with a person who is anxiously waiting for the bus if the bus is not going to show up…

J was confused by this development, but he accepted my argument that we had to clean the house from top to bottom.  He was, as is to be expected, up bright and early, and armed with every cleaning implement known to man and available in this household.  I am thinking of never again using “cleaning” as a reason to keep him home.

Tuesday morning came and J was so happy to get dressed and walk down to the bus that he nearly dragged me all the way down there.  The enthusiasm hasn’t waned since; he has a new teacher this summer, and it seems to be a good set-up for him.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to be out, and we will go to the pool and work in the garden, and I’m sure J will be happy to see the BUS PECS go up on his board for next week.

Tuesday evening was a big day for J scale-wise: he is below the 250 pound mark, and losing at a steady but prudent pace.  Every pair of pants requires a belt, and the bathing suit that suffered from PTSD from last summer has been taken out of circulation because it’s too big.  Cauliflower has become a new favorite, and when he can’t go to the gym to use the machines he’s bummed out, but doesn’t mind exercising in the garage to make up for the missed workout.

Next weekend will be interesting.  TGG is flying out to Texas to visit my brother after many years of not seeing him.  J, who usually looks for BROTHER if dark has fallen and he’s not home, is likely to be a handful for the duration of this absence.  On the plus-side, Friday is a holiday so Dada will be home, and we might just go on a long drive to entertain J.  Thursday night, however, will be interesting; TGG is leaving directly from work for the airport, and his flight is at 6 PM, which means we won’t hear from him until maybe ten PM when he gets to my brother’s house.  The incessant chorus of BROTHER will mark that evening, and a video phone call with TGG might not completely solve J’s issues.

At the end of July it will be Dada’s turn to travel.  He will be going to CA to see his dad, and I am up to my ears in trying to find the proper flight arrangements, a rental car, and so forth.  I know they make it look easy in those commercials on TV, but there is a delicate balance that must be struck when one is planning these things.  If you factor in that this is not a cheap trip, well…it makes the process all the more convoluted.

Between the car, the airfare, the times that are convenient for this whole thing to happen…well, I feel like I’m planning something by far more complex than a visit to an elderly parent.  How people manage to go on vacations with more than three people traveling is beyond me.  Just looking at the prices is giving me a rash!  And that’s not even factoring in all the other incidentals.  People ask us: do you like to travel?  Well, we WOULD if we could afford to without having to sell any vital organs to achieve it.  As it is, one person going to CA for five days is, to put it mildly, quite a luxury.

I don’t know where William Shatner is right now, but he’s certainly not sitting next to me helping me with all these departures, arrivals, stops, fees, and whatnot.  J, on the other hand, thinks the way I say EEK! is funny, and tries to get me to do it over and over again.  Every airline in the country seems to be willing to help him.  I’ve said EEK! a lot while calculating how much money I have to pay into our credit card to make this a viable project.

The reality of life is this: we are a family of four, and our income is comprised of Dada’s salary, J’s SSI, and TGG’s pay.  We are not “vacation” people.  That J requires routine, structure, and is always wanting to “do something” means we’re not “stay-cation” people either.  In the great scheme of things, we are people with fake-dirondack chairs in the backyard, and a nice view; we are people with a garden, a bird feeder, a bird bath, and a wild birds of…guidebook.  We are people who travel because someone is sick, or because we are moving.

So bags will be packed, and EEK! priced tickets will be bought, and airports will be shuffled through, and it’ll all be for the good, but we won’t do it as a group anytime soon, and we will continue to be dazzled by the notion that others do this with their families, going places, buying souvenirs, eating meals, navigating airports…

I’m having another EEK! moment.  I am playing with every discount card we have from anywhere, and the EEK! doesn’t abate.  Oh, well…it is what it is and that’s all that it is.  I guess the trip to Paris to go shopping is not in the books, is it?  We’ll have to make do with J’s Mickey and Minnie in Paris jigsaw puzzle…that was, after all, less than six dollars WITH tax…

Week two of Summer School…here we come!





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