A quick note…

I’m sorry I’ve been absent.  Nothing bad is happening, but things have been busy around here.  I do have things to tell, and I will take time tomorrow (I think I say that every day) to sit and catch up with all that’s been going on around here.  I won’t go into long-winded, Tolstoy-like detail, but I will bring this page up to speed.  I promise.

The fact that J will no longer be a teenager in a little over two months doesn’t escape me.  I am still wondering (pondering, spelunking in my brain) whether what I have to say would be helpful once we’re past the terrible aspect of the teen years that every parent of an autistic individual is vaguely informed about and isn’t quite prepared for…  I will have a 20 year-old in the house; granted: he thinks and acts much, much younger than that from time to time, but…

I will be back tomorrow.  I will tell you things.  Will they be interesting, funny, or helpful?  I don’t know.  I hope so.


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