I spent well over an hour writing a post to publish today.  The best laid plans of mothers and others were foiled by an “error” that didn’t save my draft, didn’t help my mood (which had lightened somewhat,) and totally frustrated me.  I have no post…that is: I have a post but I have to reconstruct it from the bits and notes I jotted while doing ten other things, and -as of this moment- the coherence with which I put them together earlier has succumbed to irritation…

So…long story short: I will write more about the past weekend and the upheaval attached to it, as well as the good things that resulted from some of the madness…

It will have to wait ’til tomorrow, though…I smudged my notes, spilled some tea, and J and I have five rather sizable baskets of laundry to fold ASAP.


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