I quietly turn 50…

Yesterday was my fiftieth birthday.  Three people (who know and love me, and understand the cringe factor involved -for me- in being feted for birthdays) sent me heartfelt and discreet sentiments over Facebook.  My husband, who knows, loves and understands me, cuddled up to me and did his best to control the urge to say a too-early, too-enthusiastic happy birthday.  After ten minutes of him purring more loudly than Miss Pipa, I said “oh, go on…you’ve been nice enough so far!!!”

It’s not the age, of course.  I hope you know that.  It’s the attention.  I like to be wallpaper in the background, and people tend to think one wants confetti, streamers, balloons, a parade.  I was more than thrilled to have a nice little lunch with Dada at a place where I ran into a lady who was celebrating her 90th.  If that doesn’t put things in perspective, I don’t know what will…

So…here’s to fifty, and to the thirteen days remaining until J turns 20.  One year and 8 days since he last ate Ramen noodles…


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