Baby, it’s (very, very, very, VERY) cold outside

Our car is being driven around with a thin sheet of ice that doesn’t seem to decrease at all even when the engine is running.  J is no longer dreading Kierkegaard’s call, and just assumes that if the phone rings at around six it must mean that the school is closed the next day.  We got caught in a blinding snow squall yesterday, and were happy to make it home in -more or less- a straight line.  Winter isn’t ready to let go, and if you haven’t seen the video of Niagara Falls you probably don’t know what the ado is all about…

In a nutshell: it’s cold.  It’s so cold that the cats that had been dashing around in fits of cabin-fever propelled hysterics have now parked themselves (like so many lumps) under the bedspreads of whatever room is being warmed (ha!) by the sun at any given time.  J’s appointment for his evaluation tomorrow promises to be like something out of a Russian novel, only without sleighs, women stepping in the path of trains, countless characters whose names are easy to confuse and the image of people riding some conveyance while wrapped in furs.  Ok, not furs…we don’t have furs, but there will definitely be some sort of blanket in the car, just in case.

It isn’t easy to find new and exciting things with which to occupy our time while Dada and TGG are at work, but J and I have managed.  The chores take up about an hour of our time because we are doing them very…very…very conscientiously, but we also have started cross-training with letters.  That is: I write the grocery list, and J transcribes it first in his Proloquo2Go and then with his rubber stamps.  It takes a (long) while, but between fingerspelling, saying the letters, finding them on the keyboard, and then using the rubber stamps, we are definitely making some progress.

P1100740 P1100743 P1100745 P1100747

Of course, I have to explain that J goes out of his way to match the color of the ink with the color of the line that frames the letter on the wooden handle for each stamp.  He also has trouble spacing his letters properly and either jams them all together, or leaves way too much space between them.  If you could take a look at my fingers when we are done, you might notice that I have quite a bit of ink on them because I try to create some sort of barrier for him.  Some times it works better than others…

A list of nineteen items took us about an hour and ten minutes, but it was time well spent.  J had fun.  He likes that the Proloquo tells him the letters, and then calls out the word for him.  While we were preparing lunch, he organized all his materials and pinned the list to the fridge with a magnet.  When Dada came home he asked about “the manifesto I see on the fridge.”  I told him it’s our grocery list.  Slightly alarmed he asked “THREE PAGES!!!!?????” and then he realized, by the colorful lettering, it was all J’s doing.  That changed the tone to “THREE PAGES!!!!” because he knew I’d managed to stave off boredom and ennui for a good while.

It should be a fairly decent indication of how the weather has been that we are actually down to one very closely dispensed load of laundry.  J has also organized some things to such a level of precision that his next step will probably be to disorganize them so he can start from scratch all over again.  I intend to buy another set of white cubes for the dining area this weekend IF we can get out of the house for some actual non-essentials shopping.  I have been meaning to reorganize the cookbooks, and this would be a good project to engage J in if the weather (as is predicted right now) is not apropos for going to school early next week.

The thought that spring is a mere 28 days away doesn’t seem like much consolation when you look out the window and see the remnants of a plant that died in November solidly encased in ice.  Not only do I have to deal with the fact that I killed the plant (I don’t want to talk about the circumstances,) but also that I didn’t give it a proper send-off to the great beyond, and now I am supposed to look at its carcass looking back at me with frozen accusation in its beady little eyes…  I will pause for a moment to say Yes, I’m being melodramatic, and yes, I know plants don’t have eyes, but it’s cold and we’ve been in here for a few days and when you watch as much Midsomer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, and so on and so forth as we do, well, it gets to you.  And you can recommend other viewing material, but I tried HGTV and became dissatisfied with the feng shui in our home, and I tried Food Network and was in a state of perpetual unjustified hunger.

So there you have it…28 days, and a whole lot of winter between then and now…

Wish us luck for the trek and the appointment.  Tomorrow is going to be another cold, cold day….



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