It takes a lot of balls…………to fill a ball pit

The frame for J’s ball pit arrived today.  It’s not really a ball pit frame…it’s an indoor/outdoor playpen consisting of with interlocking panels.  It’s meant to be used as a play area for children, and I’ve decided that it’s a better (sturdier) alternative to an inflatable pool.  I had decided that I’d set it up with half the panels and the small sampling of balls I’d already purchased (because, as luck would have it, there were bags of 100 going for less than 13 dollars when I went to the store the other day.)  My hope was that I’d be able to gauge J’s enthusiasm for this project, and then I’d commit to buying more balls if he was into it…

He is into it…

When I walked into his room with the folded playpen, J looked at me with the patience he has developed over years of watching his mother go on wild goose chases.  The look on his face said “WHAT are you going to do to my TV room now?”  Glasses hanging from chain, manual on J’s work table, and hands busily trying to achieve the result explained by the instructions on how to separate the panels, I struggled (more because I’m old and infirm, like Dada says) to disengage and then re-attach panels.  J stood there, patiently observing me.

A four-panel pen completed, I moved it to the corner where the full-size pen will go.  J looked from it to me, and then shrugged, unimpressed with this cage I’d just placed in his environment.  “Ah, but here comes the other thing, J…” and I ran to the closet.  When he saw the first bag of colorful balls he smiled.  “I see!,” his face seemed to say.  And then the humming and singing started…

Granted: 300 balls don’t make much of a dent in the pen as it is now, and even less of a dent in the pen as it will be, but now that I KNOW J is interested in this particular project, I can shamelessly and comfortably buy more balls.

Little by little, of course….

This is going to take ten times the balls it now has.  This will take the rest of summer and then some to properly fill.  Because J is not only tall, but also big, it won’t take as many balls to fill it as it would if he was a toddler.  Still, that’s a lot of balls…and we have to spend money in drips and drabs because our last name is NOT Rockefeller.

I am also going to put a mat on the bottom (clearance rack in the Linens department will be scoured for mattress pads…I’m sure that I can go all Frankenstein on a couple of those for the right price and piece them together to make a good cushion.)

It’s coming together.  Slowly, but it’s coming together.

In this household we’re all about results, and sometimes it takes a very roundabout way to get them, but we’re working on it…

Just 2700 balls more and we’ll have a ball pit.

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