And ESY is over…

Those four weeks flew by, and we are back to waiting for school to start again.  The big calendar I make every summer helped J track the progression of summer; we went through no-school, family trip to D.C., no-school, ESY, and now no-school again.  The stretch between now and going back in mid-August for his usual routine.

This is the last year that we have back-to-school to look forward to, and I am trying to come up with a proper way to transition with as little melodrama as possible.  We’ve pondered a countdown calendar…but that might be too Doomsday-ish.  Making a huge calendar and, rather than putting stars on the days as they are finished, removing the school buses one by one…that might seem ominous.  This is a work in progress…and it’s not progressing very well…

Tomorrow we are going into town to run some errands.  I’ll let you know if I fall short of J’s expectations (I will,) and if all goes well (it might…)

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