Happy 2016…we already don’t know what’s going on…

I hope the holiday season has been kind to you.  We had a great time for Twelve Days, and survived quite beautifully the unusually warm weather we experienced.  Of course, we observed with a mix of horror and bafflement what the weather was doing to everyone else.  Tornados?  Flooding?  No snow?  Too much snow?  El Niño has not been particularly kind to anyone, and yet we feel like he hasn’t slapped us yet.  It’s early days, of course.

Now, on this Friday First Day of the Year 2016, we woke up to cold weather, a quiet house, and the cats mysteriously absent from our bedroom.  J has taken to sleeping in so when he got up, realized we were in bed, and returned to his bedroom we didn’t think anything of it.

More and more, J has been relaxed about things that used to queue him up before.  The med is gone, and his anxiety is there, but it’s not pounding at him relentlessly.  It’s just there.  And he deals with it.  We can tell because he spends more and more time without the band-aids, and then -when he wants them- he’s very insistent, very briefly, about it.

The kid who used to get up at 5 a.m. when he was on vacation has turned into the dude that will happily chill out until 8:30, and will then shuffle downstairs in a happy mood while I wonder “is this the new normal now?”  If the Risperdal was having an effect on him still, I don’t know what it was because J is a lot more relaxed now than he was on December 12th when he took his last pill.

Of course, Houston, we now seem to have a mild problem.  J had a tantrum earlier today because we mentioned the word SCHOOL.

I’ll give you a moment to process that because  had to take a few moments…

The only time I’ve seen J get nearly desperate, angry and flick his chin or hit his jaw since he stopped taking the Risperdal was a while ago…when we mentioned SCHOOL and the YELLOW BUS.  I had to actually ask him to stop, hold his hands and try to talk him down, but he was insistent.  He didn’t want anything to do with school up on his board, and he took those PECS away from me, and put up what looks to be like a rather thorough list of chores he wants to do next week.

Once we allowed him to do this, he calmed down and went back to his usual routine.  He is happy now.  We continue to be baffled and confused, but J is calm and unconcerned about next week’s routine.

WHAT is going on?

One guess is that he still feels it’s Christmas.  Not that there’s a tree, or any other decor in the house that might give him that impression.  The only things left to take down are the lights we set up outside on the railing, and that will be swiftly taken down to reinforce that the holidays are over.

The only other thing I can think of is that J is as confused as the bees, trees, and humans have been by this weather.  Maybe J thinks that Twelve Days was moved up by some administrative glitch that went unnoticed, and now we’re back on track.  Maybe it’s all that Hallmark Movie Channel goodness of things like November Christmas or whatever.  I don’t know, but this might be something that consumes the rest of the weekend in terms of damage control and preventive measures.

One thing I will tell you is this: just when you think you’ve got one thing figured out with any individual in the Spectrum, something else will crop up.  It’s inevitable.  I woke up pretty confident that I had 2016 sort of figured out for the first five months (I was not sure about “end of school year” stuff,) but now…now I’m not even sure about the first full week of the new year.

Well, this is nothing if not interesting!!!!


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