And we’re off…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the countdown to J’s last day of school begins.  After much ado (and, believe, it was unwelcome ado) J is perfectly fine with going back to school, and the BUS and BACKPACK are up on the PECS board, and the BUS SONG has been sung until it can be sung no more without some degree of discomfort attached to it.

One-hundred and forty-eight days, nineteen hours, and forty-four minutes until school is out FOREVER (cue Alice Cooper…let him sit there for the duration.)

J’s teacher, of course, feels compelled to remind me that seniors finish school sooner than the rest of the population so that might actually be 130 days…

I am not ready to think about it.  I have barely reconciled to the notion that he was resisting going back to school tomorrow, and I don’t want to think in terms of “oh, it’s barely four months and ten days!” yet.

When we finally got J to accept that tomorrow is a school day we were relieved and happy.  We are glad that he is, once more, into his usual groove until his usual groove is no longer available to him.

So that’s where we stand.  You and I, my friends, have anywhere between 130 and 148 days of interaction left.  I will try to not make them boring.  I will try to give you some insight.  OK, I will definitely try not to make them boring.

And we’re off…


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