Covered in bandaids, but singing to himself…

I think (and I’m cautious in expressing that thought) that J has found something of a happy place…or some sort of balance.  As long as the Evil Hand is bound, he can manage.  He can even be bandaid-less for a while, but with limitations.

Yesterday was interesting.  We had expected less cooperation from J, but he did beautifully.  We went on an outing to meet TGG’s girlfriend and her children.  Because it was Sunday and J has been iffy we’d agreed to go shopping for baby clothes, and that way J would be able to entertain himself store hopping with Dada if he got bored.

Considering that we didn’t start our outing until later than expected, and that it took longer than anticipated, J held up nicely.  Dada, of course, had to divert him to do our shopping while I shopped with TGG and family, and then they went to other stores to get things WE needed for home, but J stayed calm.  When he said he was done, we took our leave, and we came home to let him decompress.

This took the form of hitting his head a few times, requesting fresh bandaids, and then saying he was HAPPY.  He had his lunch, changed into his lounge-at-home clothes, and watched TV for a while.  The rest of the day he was content with taking it easy and helping around the house.

Today he woke up happy.  He was singing to himself as he micro-managed Dada’s morning routine.  He very specifically asked for a breakfast quesadilla, a puzzle, and fresh bandaids.  And he has done all of it while looking relaxed, calm.

Yes, the day is young.  Yes, the bandaids are something we’d jettisoned a while back, but now have embraced passionately once more.  Waxing and waning, I think it’s called…and waxing again…and sooner or later it might wane…  Who knows?

We’re going with the flow.  We know there are rocks in the bottom of the stream, and that sometimes the water rises.  We’re working on it.  We’re doing all we can to make things better for him, but we have to accept that his idea of better might not match ours…

We’ll see…

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