We return unscathed…but with a schedule.

J needs to go back into the OR to have some issues resolved.  It’s not just wisdom teeth…it’s molars.

He was good.  Well…he was better than expected.  We only got one sudden, loud yelp…when nothing at all was being done to him.  We got some BYE and I WANT TO GO HOME.  We did very deep breathing for a while, and we played classical music.  Granted: Beethoven’s Fifth being the first piece that came up was not the most soothing thing ever, but we quickly switched to Handel’s Water Music.

No antibiotics needed.  He will be uncomfortable for the time being, but we can manage that with a little patience and a lot of sleight of hand.  Now we wait until February and, hopefully, it will be another good long while before we have to go back in for anything major.

J remembered his doctor.  Well…he remembered his voice and his eyes.  Once the mask was on, J relaxed considerably.  That this is the coolest dental surgeon we have ever clapped eyes on is a fact.  That he is soothing and calming, and that he fully deserves every recommendation he gets for his service to special-needs patients is undeniable.

I know that you’ve all been waiting (with bated breath) for the status of the pizza request.  We got the whole shebang: charming smile, puppy-dog eyes, heartfelt hugs and kisses.  Yes, he is getting a very small pizza…  We are making soup for ourselves on this cold, wet, dreary day…

That’s all there is, my friends…



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