Seriously, Apple, this is too much…

Dear Tim Cook…

I don’t know you, but we’ll never be friends.  Basically because you don’t get the meaning of “if it ain’t broke…”  It wasn’t “broke.”  It feels “broke” now, and it’s causing J grief.

You don’t know J.  You don’t have to deal with these upheavals to J’s peace of mind.  You have no clue as to what this means to J’s routine.

The latest incarnation of whatever it is you have done to iTunes and MUSIC is causing us problems.  No, they’re not “operational.”  They are, sadly, the kind of problem that I cannot explain to my son because his mind doesn’t use “abstract” as a currency.

I am all for change, but he isn’t.  I am all for progress, but this isn’t progress…this is tinkering with the belly button and belly buttons have been around for a very long time and they don’t need fixing.  Oh, you can try to trim them with a navel ring, or pop a rhinestone in there…or work out until your belly button is as flat as your abs…it’s still a belly button and it served a purpose that you cannot change no matter how hard you try.

WHY did you take away the things that he found soothing about his iTunes?  He can no longer get his artwork in the fullscreen mode…no…it’s on the side, and he cannot appreciate it, and it messes with his sense of symmetry.  He doesn’t want to look at the Rejoice a Little artwork in a tiny corner…he wants to see the whole darned thing, and your latest MUSIC doesn’t allow for that.  And, sorry, but when you get the little download cloud with the arrow and you download the song and a banner reading DOWNLOAD appears on top…IT’S CONFUSING!

He wants me, poor guy, to solve these things for him, and I cannot find a way to explain that it’s not ME who did this…it’s YOU, Tim Cook.

I cannot find a way to restore the iPad to the happy way it was for my son before these changes happened.  I am not technologically savvy.  I didn’t even own Pong when I was growing up.  My parents were the sort of people who bought a Commodore 64 and returned it a week later because they didn’t think it would be productive for anyone.  I still own encyclopedias.  I don’t own an e-reader.  I don’t even really watch that much TV.  How can anyone expect a middle-aged couple with an adult child with ASD to figure out (as he is SCREAMING, HITTING HIMSELF, and CRYING) to resolve these issues in a cool, calm and collected way?

Oh, yeah…I will set up a support call.  I hope you realize, Tim Cook, that your smug little employees are going to roll their eyes and think I’m hyperbolizing this.

Do you realize, Tim Cook, that we have bought our son TWO iPads because they were SO EASY for him to operate????  Not no more, Tim Cook.  Not soothing.  Not calming.  Not effective.  Not hassle-free at all.

I don’t like you, Tim Cook.  I don’t like what you’ve done to what was a positive factor in our lives.  You’ve messed with something that worked just fine…  Know your customer base.  Yes, some of these people are the ones who will stand in line for days to get your latest thing…others are kids that felt a certain degree of freedom and independence because of an iPad that was surefire and simple, and now some of them (granted, J’s not very high-functioning…maybe your target audience is a little more advanced) are bereft because they can’t see things the way they used to…

Oh, Tim Cook…thanks for the shitty evening…so so so SO many thanks…


The lady who was just now crying as she was trying to explain why the artwork is so tiny while her son was desperately hoping she could fix it…


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