What if we’re missing something?

The now seemingly-constant search for what is bothering J badly enough to cause all the SIB continues.  I have read more scholarly articles than my intellectual capacity can handle.  (Yes, I can feel my IQ dropping with each baffling moment.)

The issue with the teeth has been more-or-less figured out.  The concerns about a possible fracture or sprain in his hand are cleared.  His ears continue to be big producers of wax, but I seriously doubt (though, of course, I am not a physician so I might be wrong) that THIS is the bone of contention.  He rubs his feet a lot, but he has stopped screaming because he gets cramps in them…is that it?  Doubt it…

My “spidey senses” are pointing in other directions.  Don’t ask why…I’m just going through a process of elimination here.

Is it his digestive system?  Is he having trouble with something he’s not digesting right?  Is he having acid reflux and we don’t know it?  Enquiring minds desperately want to know.

How do I go about this?  Since I know he doesn’t have a cold, and J is very good about letting me know when he is congested, has a runny nose, or feels uncomfortable in that particular area, I’m pretty sure that the problem has to be somewhere else.

The question is…where?  And HOW do I get to the bottom of this?  My first step will be to listen to his gut.  I seriously doubt that gas will be the root of the problem, but gas can tell you a lot about a person’s digestive process.  I know J, as a general rule, isn’t constipated, but -because he is an adult and I have to respect his privacy- I have not been delving in his bathroom habits.  I intend to, as I did when he was much younger and fully dependent on my intervention to complete his bathroom routine, have to get more up-close-and-personal than any parent wants to be with his now-adult poop.

I know he’s had hemorrhoids in the past, but I don’t think this is THAT.  I think he might be in some sort of digestive distress that causes cramps and pain, and he doesn’t want to discuss it (because it’s embarrassing) and it’s causing him grief.  Maybe it’s as simple as a newfound intolerance for something he used to digest quite easily.  While J has not really been exercising as much as he did when he had TGG to go to the gym with him, his diet hasn’t bulked up enough to justify some of his weight gain.  And his belly looks bigger…so there might be digestive question marks in there somewhere.

So…looking at poop, doing a food diary for a week, and figuring out where the problem is…or isn’t.

I know you didn’t NEED or WANT to know that J might be having digestive/poop issues, but Dada is the only other being who won’t discuss this in medical terms that might alarm me.  Heartfelt apologies for the less than discreet subject matter, but poop is important…we all generate it, and there are those of us who sometimes have issues with it that end up interfering with other aspects of our lives.

There you go…food diary (has been started,) and poop patrol.  Anyone who tries to tell me that my life is not interesting, varied, and fun is in for a surprise…

I am supposing that I am in for some surprises, too.

Off I go…


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