A quick update…

We go back to the med temporarily, and we go in for some tests.  The psych thinks that this is all too sudden and too fast to be just meltdowns.

I can’t say we were surprised, but I can’t say we weren’t deflated by it.  Who wants to hear that testing of all sorts has to be done?

SO we will see.

We have had an OK day, but it hasn’t been ok.  Does that make sense?

I am writing now in case tomorrow I don’t have a chance.  J and I will probably go for a nice walk if the dogs are not running about (they were this morning,) or we will work on a huge puzzle we’ve been saving.

As soon as his scrip is ready, we’ll take the plunge with a low dose of Risperdal.  See how that goes.

The rest, well, that’s going to take a bit of time, but we go in for a follow-up on the 12th so…not too much time.

Let’s see how sleep goes tonight for all concerned.  We are worried, but we are also hopeful.



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