No, Ms. O’Donnell…

So it’s Thanksgiving Day and we made the conscious (and very difficult decision) to give J the whole milligram of med so we can dissipate some of the fog that is interfering with getting through to him.

Trust me, it wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t fun.  It wasn’t done lightly.

Yesterday we had two instances in which we were pretty sure he was having absence seizures, but since these are mostly manifested in children we might be mistaken.  It was as if, briefly, J wasn’t there.  Of course, maybe he is having some other issue; maybe it’s a psychiatric issue.  We just don’t really know.

The holiday, obviously, interferes with some of the things we need to do regarding the matter.  If we have learned anything over the past year it is that the medical community tends to slow down during the end of the year; unless there’s an emergency you won’t get anyone to answer your calls, e-mails, etc.  We see the psych again in three weeks.  Let’s hope there is some sort of -at least- half-formed answer to our question by then.

I don’t deny we are overwhelmed and confused.  Hopeful, of course, in the middle of all that, but wondering how to travel around this bulky bank of very dark clouds in the middle of the road.  The purpose of the med is not to make the problem go away; it is intended to help us find a more sparse accumulation of dark clouds so we can sneak in and figure out what is going on in the middle of the storm.

Still…opting for that second dose of Risperdal was not easy.

Last night, as we lay in bed looking at the ceiling fan turning, we were asking each other what is happening, and why we’re having such trouble getting through to J.  The frequent question (“how can the outside world think we’re completely unaffected by this????”) kept floating around the room.  We always ask ourselves if we just make it look “too easy,” and then we laugh and laugh.

We could try to explain, but some of it is too daunting, and some of it is no one’s business.

And then we have Rosie O’Donnell…

Holy shit, wow…

Ms. O’Donnell’s feud with Donald Trump goes back ten years.  Nasty things have been said, and Mr. Trump has done a lot of the saying.  I am not a fan of Ms. O’Donnell, but I don’t think Mr. Trump’s comments about her have been appropriate.  I am not a fan of Mr. Trump either…not of his TV show, not of his political campaign…not a fan.

Having said that…

Come on, Rosie O’Donnell!  Seriously taking to Twitter to comment on Mr. Trump’s ten year-old son?  Speculating whether he has ASD?  Posting a video?  And then claiming that parents of kids with ASD notice things that others don’t????

That may be true, Ms. O’Donnell.  We see things.  We notice things.  We read signs that others might miss because we live with them, but that doesn’t give us the right to publicly speculate about a child.  Much less, Ms. O’Donnell, does it give us the right to defend ourselves using the “but I’ve seen my child do this” argument.

Shame on you.  Shame on you a million times.

IF Mr. and Mrs. Trump have a child with ASD that is their business, not yours.  IF they are opting to maintain this in the realm of their most private life that is NOT our business, or -for that matter- YOURS.  Each family deals with their personal issues in their own way, and you have absolutely no call to take to your Twitter feed (TWITTER!!!!  One of the many current roots of all evil!) to “out” someone who might/might not be on the Spectrum.

WHAT do you think you’re doing, Ms. O’Donnell?  And why, pray tell, are you using the word “EPIDEMIC” to describe ASD?  It’s NOT catching, lady.  It isn’t some airborne virus we need to protect our children from, and it’s not going to rub off on others if they come near it.  You are, if anything, doing a disservice to people who don’t want to parade their, or their child’s, diagnosis for the world to see, judge, scrutinize, criticize, pity.

You have no more right to discuss this than you have to discuss anyone’s diarrhea.  You have no more right to discuss this than you have to speculate if a woman is pregnant because she looks “heavier,” or a person’s sexual preference because they made a hand gesture.

Stop it.  Not only stop it: APOLOGIZE.  You are focusing public attention on a young man who doesn’t want it or deserve it.  He didn’t ask to be born to those parents, and he certainly didn’t ask to have his parents be notorious for whatever reason they are notorious.  If YOU choose to make your children’s lives public (all in the name of shining a light on whatever it is that you think you’re shining a light on,) that is YOUR prerogative.

Leave Barron Trump alone.  His father?  Fair game.  His mother?  Fair game.  His sisters, brothers?  Fair game.  His in-laws?  Fair game.  They are all adults and know what a public role entails.  If Ivanka Trump wants to fill her Instagram with images of her children, that’s her choice.  If they want to make public statements about the clothes they wear, their plans to run the country, their big game hunting, that is THEIR prerogative.

Barron Trump is a child.  He should be protected from the scrutiny that you have subjected him to for your own petty, ridiculous vindictive nature.  You say your child has ASD.  Discuss THAT child’s situation.  Consider, though, that your child has a right to privacy, and you are violating that seven ways to Sunday by talking about it.  You’ve done the same to a child who is not yours, a child whose privacy is to be protected by his parents’.

You, Ms. O’Donnell, are single-handedly responsible for people sitting around googling Barron Trump autistic, and for -forevermore- there being THAT coming up when someone looks up his name.  He’s now not the President-elect’s son…he’s now -thanks to your lack of self-restraint- the President-elect’s possibly autistic son.

I’ll tell you one little thing.  People say, referring to me, “she has two kids…she has an autistic son.”  You know what?  My son has ASD, lady, but he is also my handsome son, my sweet son, my difficult son, my funny son, my music-loving son, my helps-around-the-house son, my loves-movies son, my giggly son, my tall son, my brave son…  You have labeled a child…

You, Ms. O’Donnell, are now firmly planted in my list of Assholes.  You’ve just bullied a little kid…

Shame on you!



One thought on “No, Ms. O’Donnell…

  1. Hear, hear. That woman is a bottomless pit of hypocrisy, but this definitely solidifies it. I never thought I’d be shocked by her cluelessness, being so accustomed to it already.

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