Well, 2017…don’t dazzle me TOO much…please?

We made it past midnight, and woke up after nine a.m. to eat quiche and mallorcas (sweet bread sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar.)  We have done four loads of laundry, taken down the Xmas lights that remained outside the house, and consumed the bottle of cava wine we didn’t feel compelled to drink last night.

We have made plans for the year.  We have commiserated about the worse aspects of 2016. We have shredded papers we no longer need, and eaten chocolate truffles that someone gave us and proved to us we’re ready for a health kick.

We have decided that January is Western Movie Fridays month.  We have decided to watch Worricker on Wednesdays, and then we’ll probably shoot George Gently and John Bacchus in the cathedral on the last Wednesday of the month.

We are ready for the year.  As ready as anyone can be, of course.

J is happy.  J’s hand is healing.  J’s adjusting to the new band-aid arrangement and asking for his “nanny” to come over (she will…tomorrow.)

So, 2017, we are ready.  We are open to the experience of you.  We have 364 days of closeness ahead of us…impress us.  Don’t blind us, or shock us.  Just impress us.

That’s all we can possibly ask for…


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