A fast-moving slow-motion life

Winter has slowly turned to something like spring, and the central heating is turned off for good (unless some freak alteration of the local weather conditions forces us to reevaluate the situation.)  The balconies off the kitchen and master bedroom have been “set to rights,” and we can now (if we are so inclined) sit out there to read when the weather cooperates.  The backyard will be getting a good cleaning in the coming days, but it will not get prepped for a garden.  If we are leaving this area (and we wholeheartedly hope this happens in the shorter term rather than in the longer,) we don’t want to have anything more than lettuce and herbs to deal with as we pack and organize for a move.

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, it has been a month since J’s dental surgery.  He is fully recovered, and as interested in whatever we serve him as ever.  His stubbornness has caused one semi-tantrum that we quickly dissipated by telling him to TELL US what he wanted.  Amazing what a willingness to communicate will do for the atmosphere and interaction in a household…

We have re-established a routine that J finds more appealing to him.  He takes care of laying out Dada’s clothes for work from Sunday to Thursday, and we have pushed back lunch, snack, bath, and dinner.  It seems to work better.  The days don’t seem as long and dull now that the sun is out for longer hours.  And Wednesdays, yes, are Lego Day.  J has chosen to alternate his workouts, and one day he does his elliptical (this week he discovered Fiddler on the Roof...he sounds very joyful as it plays…of course: he only gets to the part where Tzeitel and Motel get Tevye’s permission to marry.  That in itself is a pretty good workout, and he seems happy and energized when he’s done.

We are very glad he’s still exercising, and still enthused about it; we don’t know how much it’s working, but between his better choices about food, and the fact that he does concerted physical activity on a daily basis his weight seems to have leveled off.  The med, however, will always play a part in that issue, and we have to stick to it until J has, once more, “leveled off” in his behavioral issues.

Life is slow around here, but it is still hectic.  We are up early, and we do a lot of things during the day.  There are always chores to do, things to accomplish, tasks that crop up unexpectedly.  It seems like we finish one thing, promise ourselves a quick break, and then it’s time to start the next thing.  By the time J’s bath rolls around on the schedule we are reeling from so much activity.  It helps him, and it exhausts me…but that’s the nature of our life.  We deal with it as it comes, and (we hope) we will find a new groove wherever we end up after this decision to, once more, relocate.

In other news: we have joined the new millennium.  Yes, we know we’re behind by a long stretch.  Call this Day Three of Owning an iPhone.  Add to that: Day Three of the iPhones Being in a Closet, Turned Off.  Yes, we are THOSE weirdos.  Our cell phone service provider (it’s a pay-as-you-go, people) had a sale on iPhone 5S, and I bought two…one for Dada, and one for me.  They are set up.  They have minutes.  They are synced to our Cloud and our iTunes, and so on and so forth.  Dada turns his on when he gets in the car to leave for work, and turns it off when he gets there…same thing for the trip home.  Mine is in the closet until we decide to leave the house.  Why, you may ask yourself, did I even bother?  PROLOQUO!!!!  It’s now on the iPhone, and -should J not have his iPad on him because we’re just walking to the mailbox, or going for a short mosey around the neighborhood- we can still communicate.

Never you mind that it took us ten minutes to figure out how to open the case that I ordered to protect Dada’s iPhone (he IS accident prone,) or that we do a lot of squinting as we look at the screen.  Never you mind that we still tell people to call the house first…we now have a very portable Proloquo in case J and I go somewhere and the iPad stays home.  That’s all we cared about, really.

People don’t get this.  People think our lack of attachment to the television, the cell phone and the general hustle and bustle of life is odd.  We look at houses as repositories of life, books, family, not as a place where we want to add the demands of someone else’s idea of what our lifestyle should be.  “That wall…covered with bookcases!”  “That would be a great hangout for J!”  “Can you imagine sitting there to read on a nice afternoon?”  “I have one word for you: CHICKENS!  We can get a chicken coop!!!!”  “I can almost hear music playing in the background while we cook in that kitchen!!!”  Not once do we say “that’s a nice spot for a TV,” or “I wonder if we’d get good cell phone reception in that area…”  We measure distances by grocery stores, J’s favorite locations to visit, bookstores…

We don’t really know if this is a practical pace to set, or try to sustain.  We just know it’s OUR pace.  We have realized that we are not suited for too much of a rat race, or -perhaps- that we have lost our taste for trying to keep up.  The more we slow down, the more J seems to like the way things are.

So…there is a hectic quality to life (when you get older and you realize that you’ve less time ahead than behind you something happens to you…don’t ask me to explain) around these parts, but there’s also that desire to not give in to the demands of everyone else’s idea of what life is, or what it should be.

The med is working.  The communication resources and efforts are working.  The shutting out the madness of the world?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  We’ll figure something else out, and we will put some elbow grease into it…now that we’ve decided what we DON’T want it’s a lot easier.

And so…another Lego for the town…it’s getting crowded there, and we need to find wider horizons…ain’t that always the way?




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