Relocation and transition blues…all sorts of hues…

You know those moments when the future looks bright and you’re really enthused about what’s coming?  Yeah…we’re past that…

Dada has been home for a month, and we have learned a lot about tweaking J’s schedule around that.  At first he was confused, then he was annoyed, and now he’s taking it for granted that Dada will ALWAYS be home…so we have to work on conditioning him in the opposite direction.

We have had good days, bad days, and days we’d rather not talk about, but J has figured out that he likes Dada’s company.  He also has figured out that he doesn’t mind that Dada and I are both at home at the same time, but he’s not thrilled about us spending too much time just the two of us together.

So we’ve had to insert family activities into everything.  We’re watching a movie…INTERMISSION!  Time for a craft with J.  We’re reading on the couch together…INTERMISSION!  Time for a puzzle with J.  We are about to have a cup of coffee while chatting on the balcony…INTERMISSION!  Time for a chore with J.  If we get too involved with each other J observes us closely…if it goes on for too long, J interferes.

We are often reminded of the fact that J is the third occupant of a home that harbors a couple.  He is also the only young person in the household, and that, my friends, is a slippery slope right there.  His hours and our hours don’t match.  He is up early, and he goes to bed late…  He is ready and rarin’ to go…we are ready for a nap.  He wants to bounce and jump, and we are ready for our glucosamine and some Tiger Balm.

Bette Davis once said “old age ain’t no place for sissies”.  She wasn’t lying.  That is not to say that we are old (we sort of are, and progressing quickly), or that we are not sissies.  We are learning to be less sissy-like as we get more old-like; J has yet to figure out that we can’t keep up with him, even as he helps me get up from the floor when I’ve made the mistake of sitting there crosslegged, or when we groan as we sit up in bed when he comes to wake us just as the sun is rising…

We are alive, well, and a little less rosy-eyed than we were at the end of May.  We are also more ready to move, and looking forward to the next stage of our life as a family.  On Thursday, with a little luck, we’ll be touring two houses we’re interested in, and on Friday, with a lot of luck, Dada’s job interview will be successful and we will have a more solid footing to stand on when we move.

So…time to pack the puzzles, the crayons, the Legos, the story books, the suits and ties, the comfy walking shoes, and all the other accouterments required by this expedition.

I will update you from the road (and I’ve been remiss, I know I know I know).  We are reducing our footprint by about a thousand square feet.  How’s that for downsizing?



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