There MUST be an end to the packing…


It feels like we have been packing for weeks, and we have made something of a dent on the many things we have to pack, but…

Why is it that it never seems like one owns THAT MUCH STUFF until one has to pack THAT MUCH STUFF???

I tried the Higitus Figitus…it looked NOTHING like this:

It looked more like this: images

We’ll figure it out…I think.  We have to…basically.  J is happy in the TV room watching the pile of boxes with red tape (his TV room’s assigned color) growing with each passing day.

As for us, well, we are almost on a first-name basis with the good people at the local Lowe’s.  “Still packing????”  “Whatcha packing now???”  “Aren’t you guys done yet????”

The house no longer looks like home.  It looks like it was, and it’s slowly being dismantled to be conveyed elsewhere.

And that’s fine…

And it’s good…

And we’re excited…

And feel harried…

And it’s going to be alright…




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