We are at the “bare walls” stage…

We have been in a packing frenzy.  Our walls are bare (for the most part…I’d say there are four things we need to address to be completely naked in that department), and our cupboards are starting to look like it’s time to buy plastic cups.  There are more things in boxes than there are out of boxes…

J is enjoying the process.  This is surprising.  The only thing he has objected to is seeing his TV room throw pillows put in a box.  His train/Lego village is disassembled, and only the Legos remain on shelves waiting to be packed.

We are well on our way to being done.  We are also exhausted, achy, and ready for this to be over.  We have pared down to the things we really want and need.  We have made sure that TGG and his family get all the other stuff that no longer fits our three-person household.  I’ve packed and sorted through all of TGG’s childhood photos and given them to his wife.  I know he probably thinks we’re erasing him (we’re not…there are so many mementos of TGG, photos, school projects…all over the place), but the fact is that I have very few pictures and things from my childhood, and I’ve always wished I had them around.  Once in a while a relative or classmate would post old photos on Facebook, and I would copy them so I could show my beloved Dada “look, that’s me when I was a kid.”  Dada has an unending stream of family photos that chronicle his life from then to now, and I have snippets here and there.  I want TGG to be able to show “hey, this was me…and this was me with so-and-so, and when I went here, or there…”

I have copies of everything.  He is in multiple frames, on shelves, boards…he’s everywhere.  I want his kids to see that he had a life before them, and that his parents were proud and happy to document it.

So we are slowly reaching the end of the preparation to move on…and we are ready to move on.  There isn’t any bittersweetness…it’s all sweet.  We are looking forward to it all.  J is too…he is happy.  He is enthused.  He is excited.  He won’t yet relinquish his pillows, but he will by next Tuesday.  It’ll all be good by then.

Just a little more Tiger Balm, a little more Tylenol Arthritis, and we’ll be golden…


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