On being self-contained…

We, like everyone else these days, are tucked in at home and dealing with the possibility of a bad global situation getting worse.  That we are used to being at home all the time, that we are introverts and prefer our own company to the buzz and bustle of social interaction has come in very handy…

That doesn’t mean this isn’t having an impact on us.

Like many other families, we have had to adjust to a new routine, a new distribution of space and time within the confines of our home life. J doesn’t really understand what all this means, and we cannot explain it to him because the words “pandemic” and “crisis” don’t make sense to him.  They are, as they had been for many until recently, too abstract; unlike others, he doesn’t have the tools to convert them to concrete knowledge or understanding.

So J thinks Dada is home for fun.

Yeah.  He thinks this is fun.

The only way I can quite translate it for the uninitiated is to say J doesn’t really care as long as Dada is not here to take someone to the doctor.  To J, health and wellness are the equivalents of happiness and balance.

We are keeping well.  We are sane and oddly relaxed.

Because as long as J is relaxed we can do this.

I will do my best to come back and update you all if anyone is interested.  We are all usually too much in our own heads and now, sadly, we have even more reason to fret.

The only consolation I can offer you is that we are all in this together (that sounds like the same bullshit everyone is saying) in a strange, twisted, weird way…

If you need to talk…comment and I will take the time to reply.

Try to keep sane.  We’ll get through this…we have to…we must.

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