On the one hand, Day 26; on the other, Day 43…

J *might* have picked up on the fact that the world is not what it’s supposed to be…a little anxiety has crept in, and he no longer seems to be 100% that Dada is working from home “for fun”.

I am sure that we are all, to one or another degree, experiencing some strife by now.  It might come in the form of anxiety (financial, emotional, health-related) or in the form of cabin fever.  Thank God for that back yard!  It gives me a space to stand in while looking up at the sky while shaking my head and wondering “how the heck did this get to THIS point?”

But I digress…

We’re fine.  We have space.  This is a luxury that not many enjoy.  We have food.  That is, based on what I see on TV and read in the news, yet another tremendous sticking point for many.

I hope you are all well.

I won’t bore you with the goings-on at chez nous.  It’s pretty much the same as everywhere else…

Chime in if you want to.  I check every day…

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