A small improvement, and we’re glad of it…

All my frantic printing, laminating, velcro-ing and reinforcing yesterday morning yielded positive results.  J didn’t have a tantrum last night.  He still asked for enough bandaids to immobilize a small animal, and he’s still wearing a piece of a leg of a pair of tights over his right hand, but no tantrum is progress.

Last night when we told him that Friday is a holiday from work for Dada he asked to go to the movies.  It was so spontaneous and unexpected that we said yes, and he went to the kitchen and put a movie on the schedule.  Dada, who was on his way up to the bedrooms with a basket of clean laundry, noticed that J was actually weighing the possibility of going to Target or going to Five Guys, and he opted for Target.

Still no word from the psych, but we suspect he’s out of town for the holiday and will reply as soon as he returns.  In the meantime, we’re going along with what we’ve put in place, and it seems to be working for the time being.  Hopefully, J will continue to feel encouraged by the hoops we’re jumping through, and he will modify his behavior without the need for more medication.

And now, off to do another chore so maybe we can go to the pool, or take a walk.